Soul journey in the Maldives.

Time moves so fast. I am back in the USA, and never had a moment to reflect on my time in the Maldives.

In all honesty, I did not know what to expect. I was invited as a “visiting practitioner” at the luxurious Fairmont hotel and island. Upon arrival I was shown to my beautiful villa and I would start seeing clients the following day.

Back in Sedona, visitors come to experience healing, transformation or spiritual connection. I am free to practice any or all of the modalities I have learnt during the past seventeen years as wellness practitioner. On honeymoon-island, I wasn’t sure that this would be the case. Many European holiday-makers escaped the winter of their home countries, not in search of enlightenment, but simply sunlight.

I knew that I had to create a session, that would open new-comers to the metaphysical/energetic component of their existence, so that they may find the peace they were craving. I had to do this by creating a field of deeper relaxation they had ever experienced, combined with a felt experience of insight.

After guests explained their particular challenge, the meditative part of the session would being. Singing bowls and tuning forks would ceremoniously open the session for us, so that I could channel the messages of their bodies, relayed through lightly touching their torso. In meditation, guided to the ultimate light, we’d access the space of healing, of letting go, reforming, forgiving and reframing. Sometimes the puzzle of anxiety or heartache or longing would keep us there, until finally the resolve of self-love, spiritual-love and acceptance would untie the knots in surrender.

Tears were wept, insights were gained and memories resolved.

When you show up as a channel of light, you will be used to the capacity you’re willing to be used at. I wish to continue to serve as a channel of light.

May your dis – ease resolve to bliss and your burdens become the light.

Much love

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