Stop for a miracle.

Slow down world!

Do you ever look around and wish that everything will just slow the heck down? Sometimes, I look at everyone around me and I literally want to yell out STOP!

Actually, that is probably not the worse advice. When we can see the franticness for what it is, a hustling game for more, we’re probably a little closer to who we are, and thus a step ahead of the game.

I experienced this the first time when I was in kindergarten. I was 6 years old. I had a speech impediment and “real school” was about to start for me,  Grade 1, we used to call it “sub A.” The problem didn’t look like it was correcting itself and my mom was getting worried that I may be made fun of, yet I was too shy to work with a speech therapist. What to do!

A moment of insight hit me one day, when I realized that my whole family was moving about frantically for no practical reason at all. In that moment, I perceived myself as slowing down, observing my environment and consciously deciding to be myself, at my own pace, rather than to play the role that was available to be part of. In that moment, my speech corrected itself. The little miracle relieved the whole atmosphere in the house.

Of course, no-body knows the truth of the real miracle, the inner work, the decision to remove myself from the drama, which was the basis of the little miracle.

How often do we think that we have to look busy, chase our dreams, goals, responsibilities, when in fact we can sit back, observe where energy is needed and simply apply it? It is our own insecurities driving us to believe that we have to fit in, perform, impress, achieve; that we have to do it all so that maybe something will pan out right, or that we have to do all we can in order to succeed.

Our mental clutter has us believing that we have to do everything at once. Multi-tasking is even considered a virtue. However, when we have the courage to trust in our own being as enough in the moment, we release the false idea that we have to prove ourselves to others, or even ourselves. We get to see one thought, one action at a time, and our productivity increases by a thousand fold. We get to move at the pace of nature, and thus nature, a self-correcting force, supports our doing and make it looks like miracles appear above the surface.

Sit still every morning before moving into your day. Do this every day. The mere action of  sitting still with a mindset removed from racing around, affirms that you are, you have and you share enough. Isn’t this what the race is about? To have enough, to be enough, to give enough?

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